Wednesday, 26 June 2013


I am not quite sure where the time is going to at the minute, days seem to be whizzing past at an alarming rate, I wake up on a Saturday morning blink and then it's Monday again, look around to only find its already Wednesday!

The weeks are bluring into one and the months creeping up so very fast.

In 4 weeks time the schools will break up for the summer holidays, and then my eldest will be finishing his time at Primary school. I just feel like I want a pause button, or if not a pause, just something to make the days pass in a little slower fashion

Next week I have a Induction day at the new senior school and a chance to purchase some uniform and get to have a proper look around which no doubt make it seem very real, and Jake will find out who will be in his new form group out of his current friends.

The days blending together, and hours passing quicker than seconds should, I have found myself slightly neglecting the blog, and yet there are so many things I do want to blog about, even my Silent Sunday posts have been unseen for the past few weeks.

So I hope to catch up, blog a few of the 'I want to remember this!' moments of recent weeks, and catch up with all my outstanding reviews.

So please do look out for my posts.

The first of which will be one showing off some of the wonderful photos I took at the weekend just gone - at Tutbury Castle when we went to the Armour Knights weekend event.

It really was a fantastic day and we enjoyed it so much, even with the weather doing its very best to put us off. Here is one of the pictures I took..

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  1. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging, and I think for the most part that's just fine..... ;)
    Hope you get all the information you need at the induction and your son isn't disappointed by anything he sees! :)


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