Wednesday 26 June 2013

New Doctor Who figures - Review

We are big Doctor who fans here, and my boys have been collecting the various figures from the hit TV series for the past few years.

My boys love playsets and figures especially those showing their favourite characters from much loved TV shows enabling them to recreated scenes in their own imaginations and portray the famous characters in their own bedroom.

They were thrilled to be sent a selection of new Doctor Who toys from Characters range to look over.

The Doctor Who figures from the earlier series are approx  5 inch tall, however new for 2013 is a smaller scale figure approx 3.75 inches tall.

The smaller figures are similar size to other play figures such as the Star Wars or G I Joe figures and the detail in the new series of Doctor Who toys is second to none.

In the Series 7 range, there are 6  x 3.75 " figures to collect which include Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor his companion Cara and the ever famous monsters including Cyberman, Darlek, Weeping Angel and Ice Warrior.

Along with the new small scale figures there are several playsets to complement the collection.

Including Time Zone play set which portrays the centre of London and comes complete with a Darlek Hoverboard in scale with the 3.75inch figures. It is worth noting that the play sets do NOT come with the darlek figure or any other 3.75" figures so you really do need to purchase these along side the playset, as the playset alone would not give much play value.

The playsets are cardboard dioramas with a plastic base and clips to hold the pieces in place. 
Although I was unsure of the longevity of a cardboard playset I was impressed with the quality.

The playset itself stays together well and the carboard is sturdy enough to withstand a good deal of 'play' It did take a fair amount of fiddlign to get it to fit together correctly, and the only other issue we had was that the newspaper stand sign did not seem to fold into a upright position and needed a bit of tape to secure it, but this is a minor issue and did not seem to worry my boys who have loved this playset and the doctor who figures and have put in requests to collect the rest of the series characters.

If you are a doctor who fan then be sure to look out for the new range of figures in the new smaller size, priced at around £6.99 for each figure these are sure to be on lots of peoples wish lists at Christmas and birthdays.

You can see the whole range of Doctor Who merchandise on the Character website and you will find the toys in all good toy shops.

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  1. My boys love collecting DW action figures and are especially all looking forward to seeing some 5" figures on Christmas day (impossible and time of the doctor set)

    Anyway, I wondered if you could do some more reviews so I know that the figures are good and safe for my boys

    This was a great review!


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