Saturday, 13 July 2013

Being Optimistic about the school holidays

It is very nearly the summer holidays, 6 weeks off school and away from the routine that come with term time.

I can not wait.

The children are tired and irritable, and ready for the break.

I am not at all concerned about the time away from the structure of the classroom and I won't even mind the cries of 'I'm boooorrrreeedddd' we have nothing firmly planned no holidays booked, so learning to entertain yourself is going to be a key life skill learnt this summer, but then I think about it, and in fact 6 weeks really isn't very much time at all, is it?

When I was putting my three to bed last night I asked them each to think of 6 things they would really like to do this summer, and I promised I would try my best to ensure we could do as many of them as possible, one things per child per week, will mean that we are instantly busy for half of the time.

Thankfully my children understand money isn't free flowing, and are easily occupied with the simple pleasures (bar the odd thing here and there) and so Mikeys list consisted of

  • a visit to the beach
  • visit to the library
  • trip to build a bear workshop
  • go swimming
  • go on a long bike ride
  • and go kickboxing
which is full of things that we can easily achieve (I think he just thought of things he likes to do at weekends!!), Jakes lists was much the same but included going to Games Workshop to play Warhammer 40000 Chloe is yet to finish her list.

I have visions of lazy summer days and spending time with each child individually, happiness and no frustrated tears, although I am not quite sure how I come to these conclusions tho, as I started to type this my three were happily playing in the garden with a school friend,....

 .....and now I have my youngest inside bawling at me about the older ones being mean, shattering my illusion of happiness and laughter.
This may be more like the reality.....

However un detered by this outpouring of frustration and upset which pretty much always occurs when all three are left to play together, I still love the school holidays. Even with the tears and tantrums, as generally these don't last too long (said whilst being very positive!) there are also plenty of great things about not having to go to school.

I love not having to get up early and struggle to pair up the shoes and find matching socks, I love not having to run back home then out to the school again with the missing swimming kit, I love not having to pay out for dinner money, activities and dress up days, I won't miss the mammoth task of organising three children at different schools, keeping track of which reply slip needs to be returned on which day.  I won't miss the guilt of allowing them to still be awake at 8.30pm unwashed and very much wide awake, or the consequences of such late evenings when I arouse groggy children from their slumber at times when I'd rather still be in bed.

No, there  isn't alot of things that I will miss and the 23rd can't come soon enough.


  1. I am the same, can't wait for the kids to break up. It feels like ages away but will soon be here. It is great to throw routine out of the window and go with the flow. Enjoy your summer. xx

  2. It seems like some parents dread the summer holidays but I'm glad your looking forward to it and it's a good idea to give them some things that they would like to do. Lazy mornings are the best!


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