Monday, 8 July 2013

Cup Cakes Supplies from MakeBake

I often read foodie blogs full of beautiful photographs of yummy looking cakes and treats and I wonder if one day I could produce something of the same standard.

The simple reality however is that baking simply doesn't come natural to me, but I often long to give it ago. I am ok with simple cakes, Jam tarts are a speciality and apple crumbles but the more fancy cakes which are nice to look at have never been something I have mastered (just about!)

jam tarts with a heart shaped center

There are however plenty of useful tips and tricks all over the internet to give you a helping hand on how to make some beautiful cakes. I love BakerGirls blog where she makes the most pretty little cakes and even shows you how to do it too!

Of course me in my own kitchen, I simply don't know where to start without any special baking equipment of my own, I always retreat back to my faithful Jam tarts!

I really shouldn't worry as there are also plenty of suppliers, dedicated to cake making utensils and equipment online too, where you can purchase everything you need to make your cupcake baking that bit more enjoyable hopefully producing some great end results.

One site to have a look at if you want to give Cup Cake making ago is MakeBake this site is dedicated to sugar craft supplies and baking equipment, including all the essentials such as whisks, piping tips and bags.

Here you will also find plenty of cupcake decorations including print your own edible icing, which is great if you are hosting a themed childrens party and want to make some cakes to match your own personal theme, you can print your own photos or what about your childrens favourite character or toy.

I may give it ago and make some lovely Cupcakes for the next birthday party.

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