Sunday 28 July 2013

Labyrinth - aMAZEing moving maze game

We have really  enjoyed being part of the Ravensburger Puzzle club over the passed year, the quality of all the puzzles has been simply great, strong sturdy pieces with brilliant designs to fire the imagination of everyone.

We were therefore interested to see a board game arrive as our monthly puzzle.

Labyrinth is a wonderfully thought provoking game of forward thinking tactics with a stroke of luck thrown in for good measures made to the same high standards as other Ravensburger products.

Inside the box you get an instruction leaflet to let you know how to play.

A set of cards each with a different object on. A sturdy game board with several fixed pieces and lots of individual maze sections which you need to place onto the board randomly before you start.

The individual maze sections turn the board  into a moving maze, the simple idea is to place your colour wizard shaped counter on the board and try to make your way around  the corridors of the maze until you arrive at the items depicted on your cards.

The twist is that each time a player takes a turn they push in a maze section wherever they decided, this moves the row of maze pieces along, which in turn alters the board creating new pathways and cutting off others.

Players have to think about the best place to place the piece by pre planning how the maze will change, they need to try to open up pathways which enable their counter to move along to arrive at the picture on their card.

This is a simply wonderful board game and has had everyone we know loving it.

The slightly spooky element to the skulls, dragons, bats and ghosts mean this appeals to the older boys which I really like as more often they head for computer games.  Labyrinth gets everyone away from technology, and because it  holds a lot of fun factor the game also appeals to the young.

Labyrinth really got my 11 year old and his friends interested along with my 6 year old and it is a game they can happily play together.

The fact you really can change the game play is great,  if you think wisely you can have a very interesting game, but because  alot is down to simple luck means younger players can join in too.

Overall we simply love Labyrinth and highly recommend this to everyone, very young players can soon get the idea with a little help, and older players including adults can still find a certain degree of skill to this game which keeps them wanting to have another go!

For busting the holiday boredom, rainy afternoons, this is a great game to pack into a camping trips essential time passer suitcases or for a great Christmas family gathering game.

Look out for it in all good retailers (including Argos, Tescos and Amazon ) priced around £19.99 


  1. OMG I absolutely love this game. I used to play this a lot when I was little and the Junior version. Great game for all the family and one of my firm favourites from Ravensburger.


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