Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A bad day.

Yesterday was a bad day.

You know the sort, where one thing after another seems to crop up and taint your mood.

We are into the second week of the school summer holidays and so far we have had fun relaxing and doing not too much, but not having much time to do anything more.

Yesterday however we had chewing gum in Chloes hair, a broken glass cabinet and several tears.

I would love to post a photo of the chewing gum covered hair but I didn't grab my camera, and Darren thankfully got it out whilst I was breaking up the boys fights!

So I was pretty relieved to get the children into bed last night.

Then Chloe popped this note under our door along with her pocket money shes been saving

and no, toothpaste does not get chewing gum out of hair... it just makes it smell even more minty!


  1. Aww that note brought a tear to my eye.

  2. Oh dear... She is a sweet girl. I would have posted a sorry at that age, but not the money! :D Hope today was better! :)


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