Sunday, 7 July 2013

Paddeling Pools and Summer fun

I am currently sat outside with my laptop which is a rare occurance, and am sitting listening to the radio whilst watching the children play.

Sounds lovely, but the problem is our garden is not very big at all, since moving house we no longer have the huge open spaces that we used to have.

Ever trying to make the best of what we have, we recently tidied up the garden as it had become abit unloved and unused, after spending last summer away on the canals we had spent very little time or thought behind what we could do in the garden, so last week we brought a swing for the garden and a punch bag for the boys which we thought they would all get more use out of than other garden toys now they are all getting abit older.

These new garden items are great and are being well used, but this weekend with the heatwave that is crossing over the UK the children have been pestering for a paddling pool.

At our old house we were spoilt with space and as such we had several paddling pools and they were a huge part of my childrens summer over the years.

Paddling Pools were a great way for the children to get used to water and learn to swim.

We had so many different types of pools over the years ranging from small pools and water slides

 to the big 10ft family pools.

Of course with such deep pools its important to think about safety and when you have younger children who want to join in with older siblings it helps if you can find a swimsuit which can keep them afloat with an inbuilt buoyancy aid these suits  also help  protected young children from the suns harmful rays. I really like the Zogg Float suit which make a great summer swimwear item for playing in the garden paddling pool or trips to bigger pools or the beach.

Of course its not just the youngsters who need swimwear, my eldest two over the years have been through so many different childrens swimwear items.

Going from swimsuits to long shorts to trunks for the boys and various swimming costumes in all sorts of colours and styles for Chloe. Always looking for something practical and comfy.

I am pleased that Paddling pools were a big part of my childrens early years, and I think I may even have to try to see if we can squeeze one into this garden somewhere, as your never really too old to enjoy a pool are you!

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  1. What a lovely set of pics! You can't beat a good paddling pool! :)

  2. Swimming is a fantastic way to spend you summer! Your children are adorable! Great pics, Sarah!


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