Wednesday 31 July 2013

The Ugglys - Electronic Pup - pet

The world of Electronic Pets has just taken an uggly twist.

Brand New for 2013 is a new Electronic dog who is, well, truly Ugly.

This Rubbery electronic hand puppet, is a  pug pup straight from the city pound ready to become your gross best friend.

Priced around £29.99 these are set to become a hit this Christmas, and my three certainly loved him, however the repetitive noise is a bit on the annoying side for us adults who don't quite find the same humour in making burping noises, however the more you play with uggly the more new noises he seems to come out with - we so far have heard cuckoo, neighs, mieows and lots of others!

The Ugglys are approx 10cm in length and have a hard plastic bottom, with a large opening to fit your hand inside, I can get my hand in to control the Uggly, but the hole is more suited to smaller hands, however very small children will struggle to make the uggly open his mouth fully so may find it difficult to make the full range of the sounds.

The Ugglys need 3 x AAA batteries and are controlled by the hand movements. Ugglys make around 30 different sounds, including a fly 'bzzzzz' when you press the black fly button on the Ugglys collar.
The silver button can also be twisted to change the pitch and style of sounds that your Uggly makes, he will also snore if you leave him alone for a while.

The detail on the Puppet is great, with the green snot and big bulging eyeballs, they are suitably gross in a friendly sort of way, and really do have instant child appeal.

Inside the box you get a quick instructions leaflet and a Uggdoption certificate so you can name your new best friend and record the date.

These are fun toys and a sure hit for children.

Take a look at our video review:

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