Wednesday 31 July 2013

Fashion Jewllery Making Kits

Chloe really loves crafts and making things, she is always really happy to see a new craft kit. When we were sent the MyStyle Craft Design and Make Shamballa jewellery making kit from interplay to review she was really excited.

This kit is a lovely kit for older girls as it is quite a sophisticated jewellery making kit. The recommended age is 8 and above and this is about right.

Shamballa Jewellery is a really trendy way of using knots to make brilliant fashion bracelletes and necklaces, you may have even seen some shamballa jewellery in shops.

The kit includeds everything you need in order to make 5 pieces of Jewellery - 3 bracelletes, a necklace and a set of earings along with a sturdy craft box to keep everything inside.

The instruction leaflet is really clear and easy to follow, however because the method involves knotting cord it is a bit fiddly, especialy finishing off the braceltte.

The fire beads in the set are really pretty and make very beautifully pieces of jewellery.

The attachments for the necklace are metal clasps and fixing of great quality, making this a real grown up jewellery making set which really appealed to Chloe.

how to make a braclette

The retail price is around £12.99 which is great value for money as this kit not only gives you 5 beautifully crafted jewellery pieces, but it also teaches you a new skill.

This craft set is a perfect way to learn how to make shamballa jewellery in a simple clear and easy to understand way perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to make jewellery at home.

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