Saturday 10 August 2013

Disney Planes - Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzle

The brand new Disney film this summer is Planes - above the world of cars. This new Disney movie is due to be released on 16th August and looks like it is set to be a huge hit.

When we received this months Ravensburger puzzle club jigsaw Mikey was instantly pleased to see the Disney theme, I hadn't actually heard much about the new film, but with the style of characters you can instantly recognise them as Disney Pixar creations, and after a quick search I found the trailer for the new Disney film.

It looks exciting and full of all the usual Disney magic with a nice tale of friendship and courage, and one which we're eager to go and watch this summer.

The Ravensburger jigsaw shows all the top characters from the film, aimed at ages 6 and over with 100 pieces this was perfect for Mikey to complete by himself.

The quality of the puzzle, like all ravensburger jigsaws, is great with Strong sturdy pieces which are all are individually cut to ensure no two pieces are the same.

The print is on grained paper to ensure no glare and the colours are bright and attractive, made from recycled board too you know you are getting top quality jigsaws from Ravensburger.

The Puzzle when complete is 49cm x 36cm a perfect size. With the blue stared banner across the top and the red checkers across the bottom it is easy to sort the pieces.

Mikey enjoyed putting the puzzle together completing each plane character individually as we discussed who we liked the look of and what their characters might be like, if they looked fast or friendly, obviously once you have seen the film itself you can talk more about the characters.

Jigsaws really are one of our favourite activities, they are a brilliant boredom buster, a great way to occupy children on rainy afternoons, or give them something to do outside in the sun.

This jigsaw took Mikey about an hour to complete by himself, and held his attention from beginning to end.

Priced around £7 jigsaws are great value that can provide hours of entertainment over and over again.

If you are thinking of going to see Disney Planes this summer, then do look out for the Ravensburger Jigsaws and grab one to extend the fun of the film at home.

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