Saturday 17 August 2013

Glitzi Globes Showcase Review

We received the Glitzi Globes showcase to review, and as soon as the parcel arrived I knew it was something which Chloe was going to be excited to look at.

Glitzi globe showcase box review
Glitzi Globes are customisable snowdomes which you can make yourself and the best thing is that everything you need is included in the kit  you just need to add water- so there is no disappointment once you open the box.

contents of the glitzi globe showecase set from flair plc

There are several Glitzi Globe sets available, and the idea is that you can make your own glitter domes filled with the colourful little characters and glitter pieces then turn them into rings, have them as perfect pocket toys and swop them with your friends or display them on your showcase stand.

The characters are cute and colourful and really appeal to young girls.

small characters to put in glitzi globes

We received the showcase set which included everything you need to make 4 mini domes and one mega dome, the showcase also included a plastic display stand, so as you grow your glitzi globe collection you have somewhere to display your creations.

customise your own snowdome glitter globe

The idea is a fun one, and the method to make the glitterdomes is a really simple one, which children can happily complete with minimum input from an adult.

making a snow dome with glitzi globes

the dome maker to make the little domes worked really well, you place the plastic dome into the maker add your character, glitter cube and water then close the lid press down and upon opening you will find a lovely mini dome.

The glitter comes in clever little blocks which means you don't have to worry about glitter exploding everywhere, the blocks release the glitter into the domes once you add water and give them a shake.
The domes didn't leak at all, and the only time we got glitter outside of our domes is when we Chloe reopened one of them to change the character. You just have to ensure you press firmly down to seal the domes in place and prevent leaks.

The end result is a very pretty set up which children really love, the large dome in the showcase has 3 carousel horses, which you can spin around via a spinner on the top of the globe.

The display stand is overall very pretty and something which Chloe was very proud to display as she had created her very own globes.

Priced around £19.99 for the showcase I do think this makes a great gift, and Chloe really does love the globes and has already asked for more to add to her collection, but you do have to remember they only take a few minutes to make and Chloe made the whole set within an hour, and although she has displayed it proudly in her bedroom and showed it to her friends, without buying more refills it doesn't hold much more play value, the refills are currently hard to find with large retails like Argos not currently stocking them which is important to note.

This aside I am sure that children will really love the showcase and hopefully over the coming months we will see the refills in more shops so we can build up our display. You can see the whole range on the Flair website

Here is Chloe showing you how to make a Glitzi Globe.

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