Saturday, 17 August 2013

How would I #Spend20k ?

We're not really big spenders here, no fancy holidays, no jetting off all over the world, no massive houses or fancy cars.

We've always lived off a modest income, having never really known what its like to splash the cash, instead I have always counted the pennies.

But with that said, like everyone, sitting and discussing what we would do if we won the National Lottery has been discussed more than once, and now the Lotto is changing. On the 5th October the new rules will come in, giving players more chances to win more prizes. Not only is the £10 for 3 balls being increased to £25 and larger money prizes for 4 balls, there is also a new raffle, which will guarantee at least 50 winners of £20,000 every draw. Meaning the possibility of being the lucky ones has increased that bit and talks of what if's and dreams are become that bit stronger.

£20,000 is a lot of money so Britmums have asked bloggers to describe what they would do with it to be in with a chance of winning a love2shop voucher.

So what would I do if I had a sudden windfall? If holidays abroad aren't really our thing, and cars not really something that excites me, even fine dinning in posh restaurants doesn't tickle my taste buds.

No, for me if I won £20,000 it would not mean splashing out to spend on quick fix of happiness, as lovely as jetting all over sounds, camera in hand, off to see new exciting places, I think I'd be happier with a more lasting investment.

Last year we were lucky enough to be given an opportunity to help out a family friend and do up his old boat, we scrimped and saved and managed to do the boat up abit, made it good enough to use

Then use it we did. After spending money on it we only paid a small amount to become the owners of our very own cruiser, something with our usually tight budget we were truly overjoyed with. Compared to spending just a few nights camping (which is the only holiday we've ever been on), this was our chance to have a real family break for a fraction of the cost of a holiday abroad.

And so we set off and toured the canals all summer long - the summer with more rain than we'd seen in years! All of us cramped in a tiny little boat really meant for just 2 people, all 5 of us (and a boxer dog) some how managed to live for several weeks with just ourselves and a few select games to entertain.

Unfortunately keeping a boat, even tho it truly was part of our dream, isn't practical when its not really big enough. Not big enough for our children, not practical enough to spend more time on with no electrics, no shower, not even enough beds.

Yes, the children did complain and they moaned about not being near their friends or with their electronic gadgets.

Yet I know now that compared to being right here, at home this summer, given the choice I'd rather be on the canals, and I think they would too.

But unfortunately  we sold that little boat, as finances didn't stretch to a bigger one, in doing so we left our dreams on the side once again.

Which brings me back to  the initial question, what would I do with 20k? well, after paying off a few  debts to get them out of the way, after ensuring everyone was suitably fed and properly clothed, I'd then go and search out a bigger boat, one which we could all comfortable spend more time on.

Without the debts monthly living would be easier, paying the waterways license and mooring fees to keep a boat not so much of a strain, 20k wouldn't enable us to by an all singing, all dancing Narrowbaot, but it could certainly buy a bigger one than Misty Blue, one that may well need abit of love and care, which may not be full of mod cons and luxeries but as long as it fit our family it surely would mean that we would be able to chase our dreams that bit further.

This post is an entry for BritMums #Spend20K Challenge sponsored by The National Lottery, with more ways to win more money on the new Lotto game. Find out more about new Lotto, which starts in October, here – or read about other bloggers dreams here


  1. Love this idea. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

  2. Oh my your photos truly are awesome!!!!
    You need to start entering some competitions with cash prizes and manifest this dream into a reality. Make a "dream" notice board.
    I wish I was a millionaire as this post wants me to make it happen for you.
    So beautifully written really tugged at my heart strings xx

    1. aww Liska your comments always are so lovely - thank you :) x

  3. A lovely post!

  4. Ahhh I like your plan, I think I would use half for a holiday and invest half in a house or something :)

  5. This is a lovely post and a nice modest plan if you were to win. Thank you for your lovely comment on my recent post by the way, i just had to say that! x


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