Saturday, 1 March 2014

It's good to talk - TalkTalk phone boost options

Living in todays fast paced world where more and more things revolve around technology its very easy to forget  what matters, and its often easy to get caught up in life and go with the flow.

Yet I do wonder what damage having 24/7 Internet access has had on society, and if people do remember to sometimes stop and take a break from the surge of emails and text messages and social media notifications and have real life interactions with their family and friends.

Do people remember to pick up the phone and talk to people - real conversations where you can hear peoples emotions because sometimes I think real conversations have been lost in a endless stream of virtual text.

As amazing as the Internet is and technology,  it is sad to think that more people now turn to a facebook message or a text instead of a real phone call.

Price obviously is a factor in why people talk less, with so many mobile phone text bundles coming coupled with mobile phone contracts and free messaging service via social media accounts it makes it seem expensive to make a phone call from your landline.

I am much more likely to reach for my laptop to send a quick message to someone or fire off an email than pick up the house phone and I know that in the back of my mind cost is a factor.

Looking at all the different companies offering so many different price plans it can be confusing and hard to know which company offers the cheapest landline phone calls to mobiles and international numbers, so its no wonder people tend to stick with emails and text messages.

Yet it doesn't have to always be a text based message,  TalkTalk have some great mobile phone and international calling options to choose from, giving you a way to make phone calls to mobile phones and international numbers for a small set monthly fee.

TalkTalk have made it really simple to pick from a selection of boosts allowing you to decided how many free hours per month you think you will need and then you make the small monthly payment and don't have to worry about the cost of the calls.

 As TalkTalk family bloggers we have been asked to try out the mobile phone boost options and see what savings we can make.

We are not huge phone users but do spend around £10 a month on mobile phone calls,these are calls to our friends and family and normally each call only lasts a few minutes, we make less than 100 minutes of calls a month, so we are set to make a good monthly saving by simply switching to the 100 minute mobile phone boost option and it will allow us to worry less about clocking up a bill whilst we catch up with friends.

If you are already a TalkTalk customer activating the mobile phone boosts is quick and simple from your account online, and can save you upto £50 on mobile phone calls.

To activate the mobile phone boosts Simply log into your TalkTalk account and then select 'Packages and Boosts' from the top menu and then 'Broadband and phone' from the drop down menu as shown above.

You will then be shown all the available boost options, from here you can simply tick the boost you require then click update to activate the boost on your phone line.

There are plenty of Phone boosts to choose from including 2 mobile phone boost options allowing you to make 100 minutes of mobile phone calls for just £3 per month or 1000 minutes for only £5

TalkTalk also provide anonymous caller reject, caller display and last call barring for free making it even easier to keep your home phone ready for the important calls you really do want to receive.

TalkTalk also has amazing value boosts on international phone calls, giving you  a way to make cheap phone calls all over the world.

So why not take a look at the TalkTalk Phone boost options yourself and pick up the phone and Talk!

If you are not yet a TalkTalk customer you can see all TalkTalks offers here: TalkTalk Packages

We are TalkTalk family bloggers and have been given Free Phone and Broadband in exchange for promotion and reviews of their services - however all opinions expressed are my own.

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