Thursday, 6 March 2014

World Book Day - Quick Home Made Costume

Today is World book day - you would have thought everyone who has any form of TV or internet or school aged child would be very aware of this, and thus have had an outfit planned for the past week or so.

However I love to leave things until the last minute - and I mean LAST minute, I knew it was book day of course my daughter has reminded me for weeks, but I just don't want to splash out on £20 costumes each, for one school day. So I had told the children they would be going in their school uniforms. But then of course this morning arrives and my youngest wakes up adamant he will not be going in his school uniform, I tried all the ordinary 'why not go as Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs?' (ordinary clothes) options but he was not having any of it.

So I put the ball in his court and said 'well who DO you want to go dressed up as?' and he said The BFG. Now I should have known as we have just finished reading this book, initially my response was 'no... how can I make a homemade  BFG costume in less than 15 minutes which doesn't require sewing?

Then I thought about it and thought well actually it could be worse, so I ruffled through the draws and found a orange T shirt, a standard school white shirt and a pair of 3/4length karki trousers - perfect!

I simply cut the orange T shirt down the middle, and cut off the sleves to make it into a waistcoat - no sewing it neat - the BFG at the end of the day wears raggity clothes doesn't he? well he does in my mind! Put the shirt on and rolled up the arms, and grabbed a belt and hey presto we had a costume!

Mikey then decided he wanted to add the invisibility cape and so we found the old vampire cape from Halloween, armed with the book he looked almost like we'd planned it!

Jobs done and he ran into school happy - Now what am I to do with Chloe - her dress up day is tomorrow!!!

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