Saturday 8 March 2014

Zomlings - Brand New Collection series

We were recently sent some Zomlings to review. These collectible mini figures are a new toy line from Magic Box. These are brand new and should start appearing in shops very soon - look out for them in your local supermarkets and toy stores.

They are small 2cm squidgy pocket money figures which children can collect, swop and play with - similar to the likes of TrashPacks, Moshi monsters and other such series.

zomlings in the town series one collection

In the Zomling series 1 range there are over 100 characters to collect, all zombie themed but lots of different characters from teddy bears to elephants.

trashpack toys collection zombie mini figures
The individual zomlings can be purchased in blind bags which cost just 50p each, or Tower  block blind bags where you get a tower block and a zomling figure for £1 or houses where you get 2 zomling figures and a house for £2 This gives children plenty of ways to build there collection.

new zombie town tower block collection sheep
The houses and tower blocks are not only for you to store the zomlings but to enable children to make their own games - much like angry birds, you can build up towers and see if you can flick the zomlings to knock them down, or arrange your own town scene with your zomlings.

The  blind bags and houses come with a  checklist and instructions on of how to play with the zomlings, giving you three ideas for games such as Zomling Battle where you set up your house across the table from your apponants house, then flick your zomling figures towards the enemys house, the first to hit the house twice wins. Another game is Towers Down, where you set up tower blocks and try to knock them down by flicking your zomling figures at the blocks.

zombie fish and alien collection mini figures

These colourful characters are really quite cute and instantly appeal to children, my three all loved them and can't wait to see them in the local shops to buy some more, priced at affordable pocket money prices I can see these becoming very popular.

zombie little mini figures

The collection includeds several rare colour options - some characters come in 2 colour variety, the neon version being harder to find than the 'ordinary colours' Then there are 6 ultra rare silver characters to collect and 3 Limited edition Gold Zomlings.

ultra rare silver zombie smash zomling figure

We were lucky enough to find Smash one of the ultra rare silver zomlings in one of our blind bags which pleased my three no end.

Overall we love the zomlings and will be keeping our eyes open for them in our local stores, with the popular zombie theme yet cute nature of these critters, affordable prices and perfect size for carrying around in your pocket or pencil case I think children everywhere will have lots of fun with them


  1. Heya I love zomlings to! I brought my first packet the other week and i got a gold! so my first ever zomling is a rare gold zomling named Lenard

  2. so my little brother got a slver in his first tower or house packet

  3. i think i got some rares

  4. what the?! I just said i got a gold not trying to start a fight

  5. glad you have all found some of the rare zomlings! we only have one silver and a few of the neon rares so far.. keep searching and let me know if you find all the silver and gold :)

  6. where can you buy them aside of on the web?

  7. where do you fund them?

  8. I think they are in Tesco stores and maybe your local toymaster if you have one nearby

  9. Thank you! My nephews wants some for his birthday but i had no idea what they were! this was really helpful :)

  10. i brought my first 3 packets and they were all GOLD Lenard,peward,heavy z so GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY !!! PS.IM 9

  11. was googling zomlings as my godson wants some for xmas .. found you sarah ! GREAT review !

  12. Thanks for you're review my 6 year old asked for zomblings and I can buy a box of them of amazon sealed for £25 which is great now I understand what the houses and towers are for I can buy him some of those , well that's 1 child nearly sorted for Christmas do you mind helping me with the other 8 lol only joking no I really do have 9 kids just joking about the help
    From - mad mum of 9

  13. series three zomlings today got gold and silver in two separate packs beat that


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