Tuesday, 1 April 2014

National Stationery Week

A while ago we were contacted by Ryman and asked if we'd like to help promote National Stationary week, and I agreed because I do love stationery and it really is important to encourage everyone to remember the joy that writing and drawing brings.

National Stationery week is all about encouraging  writing and drawing the good old fashioned way - National Stationery week are working alongside children, teachers and schools to help children learn that handwriting and computers work hand in hand - both are needed to get on in life, and what better way to encourage this than to get hold of some new stationery!

We went along to our local Ryman store which is always our first stop for stationery supplies, there is a huge selection of pens, pencils, paper infact all your stationery requirments under one roof, me and Chloe can happily spend hours browsing the beautifully coloured supplies.

Chloe simply loves to draw and doodle and write - she is constantly with a pen and notebook in her hand. Recently she really wanted to buy herself some Sharpie markers - which are great all round marker pens.

We were really pleased to see the fantastic price of sharpie markes in Ryman just £5 for a pack of coloured  markers, along with these we also picked up yet more notebooks and classic biro pens to top up- Chloes selection.

My boys however are less eager when it comes to picking up a pen or pencil, and so its often harder to encourage them to get off the computer and write in the traditional way.

When I saw a great Monster Inc themed stationery set I knew it would help encourage Mikey, with some of his favorite characters and the brightly coloured selection of crayons he has been inspired to join in with me and Chloe and is beginning to appreciate the enjoyment you get from drawing.

I have recently rekindled my love for sketching by drawing in my one sketch a day, little sketch book and I have also started to make more  hand written notes instead of typing reminders on the computer.

 The one skecth a day project is perfect for you to do as a family, me and Chloe have been doing the project together,  in our indivual books we are building up a collection of sketches to look back on, whilst also learning new skills and becoming more confident.

With the technology ready world we now live in, it is even more important to ensure that children find the love in nice stationery and traditional writing. So I fully support National Stationery Week.

If you want to get involved in National Stationery Week - check out their website here: National Stationery Week  they have some great ideas on ways to get involved and encourage handwriting in children

You can also follow them on Twitter @natstatweek by using the hashtags #NSW14 #GetBritainWriting #lovestationery and #stationeryaddict  anytime this week to join in the chat and win prizes.

Or why not grab some pens and pencils and doodle something yourself - seeing their parents love for stationery is often the best encouragement children can get.

#NSW14 #GetBritainWriting #GetKidsWriting #lovestationery
or #stationeryaddict  - See more at: http://www.nationalstationeryweek.com/get-involved/#sthash.AMdPreMc.dpuf
#NSW14 #GetBritainWriting #GetKidsWriting #lovestationery
or #stationeryaddict  - See more at: http://www.nationalstationeryweek.com/get-involved/#sthash.AMdPreMc.dpuf

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