Friday, 25 April 2014

Sunny Afternoon at the River

It's the end of the Easter Holidays, with a rainy miserable day today I've been looking back through the photos taken on sunnier days this holiday.

Although we didn't venture far from home, sticking to our local favorite places we still managed to enjoy the sun on the odd days it shined on us.

girl enjoying water splashing in river

It is getting increasingly rare to find times when everyone is happy together, yet the river seems to always be popular with everyone.

Simple pleasure in the outdoors,

 There is nothing  enjoy more than being outside, and I know it is something we don't dedicate as much time to as we used too.

boy throwing stones to springer spaniel in river

young boy and dog near river

boy running at stony beach

playing in the river girl

I'm hoping this summer is a good one with many many more lazy days at the river.

children paddeling in the river

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