Thursday, 23 July 2015

7month Update

7 Months old, so quickly the year is passing.

A lot of milestones have crept up the past few weeks as Noah becomes more and more alert and aware of what everyone else is doing, and he desperately copies his siblings.

Watching him grow is bitter sweet, I love seeing the new things he does each day, but I don't want him to grow up too fast!

This month has seen him move around in hi walker, although we don't use it very much, he prefers to be on the floor, he can't crawl yet, but can bum shuffle his way around the room with  rolling in between he certainly can get to most places in a blink of an eye.He also is desperate to pull himself into a standing position,  on the sofa, coffee table and anything else he can hold on to!

Babbles have become more controlled, he calls 'mumma' directly for my attention every time I leave the room, which is super cute and something I can't remember my others doing so young!

Weaning is still going great he eats pretty much whatever we are having, he loves chicken wraps, carrot, pasta yorkshire puddings and cake!

He is still breastfed and although he can go long periods satisifed with food and water, he does still love his mummy milk.

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