Saturday, 25 July 2015

Lets start again...

New Year... New Blog... with a promise to actual get back into blogging.

Didn't really materialise very well did it? I have managed only a handful of posts so far this year.

I am the worlds most un motivated person, I always have the thoughts about doing something but never seem to get round to completing anything!

So once again I am publicly saying that I want to blog more, want to actually make time every day to put something here on the blog, it doesn't have to be hugely planned or amazingly constructed, just something, anything, every day.

I want to record, share ad save the memories. I want to jot down things that interest me be they about the kids, myself or other things.

Maybe I am being once again too ambitious, and I will be here again in another 6 months saying ah that didn't work out did it? But you never know.

So from this day forward (for a while at least) I AM going to post every day... hopefully!

1 comment:

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