Thursday, 30 July 2015

Thursday Already

I can't believe its already Thursday - I blinked and it went from Monday to here, and as a result I have already broken my blog each day hope. But I don't think I'm doing too bad as I'm happy to miss a few days - it doesn't seem possible to find time every single day.

Yes there are hours when I sit with my laptop but I am so tired I can't function enough to do much more than stare longingly at the screen and watch other people seemingly having much more fun on Facebook. I certain don't seem t be able to concentrate enough to string sentences together.

So what has actually been happening?

The past few days have been engulfed with car MOT's (fails and retests) garden updates and sleepless nights - Thanks Noah!

The first week of the holidays and we haven't actually done a great deal, the children have spent alot of time on Plants Vs Zombies (the original game) and have once again set their minds to a marathan to complete the adventure mode. I must admit I do love that game and can get addicted to it too.

Noah has cut two bottom front teeth, although he's not been terribly upset with them, he has been a little off his food - which means he's been up on his breastmilk - which is fine, but tiring for me, especially through the night.

We have added a gate to the garden to separate an area for the dogs, which Mikey thinks is a climbing frame, and his love for climbing has given me an idea for the wall(add some foot rests to make it an abseiling/bouldering wall)  but I am not sure how or if we will actually put that into place.

Anyway thats my time up, Noah is grumbling at my feet so I'll leave this here.

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