Monday, 27 July 2015

Waiting for Summer

Today is the first official day of the summer holiday here, with the children now being off school.

I love having them home, I love the late nights, lazy mornings, the no homework relaxed nature the holidays bring.

I would say I love the warm days the sun, swimming pools, sun glasses and ice creams.

But unfortunately the weather has other ideas as the past few days its been cold and wet and not summery at all.

Which is a shame.

I wonder if we already had the summer? What with the odd hot day last month. Maybe that was our lot.

It really was lovely and warm. In  our excitement and hope for a hot summer we brought a 8ft pool for the garden, along with the filter system and cleaners to ensure it can stay up and clean all summer long.

boys playing in pool
garden pool playing outside

The kids love it, swimming and splashing around with the snorkels and floats and I hope that the sun does com back so we can enjoy it again.

playing with snorkels and floats in the poolboys swimming in the paddling pool

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