Tuesday, 11 August 2015

8 months old...

Noah you're now 8 months old.

You are growing so very fast and finding your own personality more and more.
The last month has once again seen you jump in leaps and bounds with the things you can do.

You love to snuggle and are happiest close to someone, but your fast becoming more independent.

You now have two  teeth at the bottom and often suck in your bottom lip pulling such serious yet funny faces.

You adore your siblings and you look for them all the time, and light up every time they enter the room. Your eldest brother the one who is calm and comforting, Mikey is the fun one who can make you laugh till you fall backwards by being silly, Chloe who is always there to wash you, change you and settle you to sleep.

You have a favorite program - Zou, and will stop whatever your doing if the theme tune is played.

You love to jigg along to music and clap along to songs, getting increasingly aware of rhymes and sounds as every day passes.

You can now crawl, in the traditional manner, and you have a love for the fireplace and things you are not supost to touch!

Balloons entertain you for ages as you crawl after them and bash them too and fro

Your smile is infectious and your eyes shine so brightly you draw everyone in.

We love you Noah <3

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