Sunday, 16 August 2015

Fun with Orbeez and a balloon pool party!

This summer is flying past, we have been trying to find things to do at home to ensure we can have a lot of fun without spending too much.

Holidays can be expensive but you can have fun at home.

Especially when the sun shines!

We brought a paddling pool at the start of the summer so with the sun finally coming back out the past few days we have been able to get out and enjoy the pool.

Having a pool party.

To make it a bit more fun we added lots of balloons, normal latex balloons with a tiny bit of water in each so they are not water balloons or water bombs, but just enough water in them to weigh them down slightly to prevent them blowing away! they gave a fun extra to the pool and the children loved splashing and throwing them about along with the other inflatables.We also brought some giant balloons - punch balloons from poundland which are great fun!

Take a look at our pool party  in this video here:

Another fun summer activity is growing orbeez or water beads, these tiny little beads absorb water and grow 10x their original size. They are fun play with and all ages love them.

Have a look here as we have fun growing and playing with thousands of orbeez. even tipping pouring them into the bath!

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