Chloes Drawings

Chloe loves to draw, she is often found sketching pictures of animals, plants, people and places.

I thought it would be encouraging for her, and nice for visitors here, if I had a place where I showcased her latest drawings.

Wolves are one of Chloes favourite Animal and she has been sketching lots of different Wolves.

Please take a look at her Wolf Drawings

and her other Animal Drawings

You can also see the drawings of places and famous landmarks that Chloe has sketched here


  1. Replies
    1. Really really BAD!

    2. First of all do u see Gwen age idiot like what the heck u probably drew discustingly when u where younger so stop wasting ur time saying hate comments ur probably just some 5 year old that has nothing to do BE GONE 👌

  2. The trick is to not stop trying. Good luck and keep trying to draw better and better!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Ugh, bad. I drew my profile picture... Like, your really bad.

    1. THE heck do u not see her age you probably drew like crap when u were u and ur trashy stick figures so stop >:|

  5. Shocked that people would post harsh comments on a page set up to ENCOURAGE a young girl. I think the drawings are really good for her age and Chrome has a talent that will grow with her and hopefully she won't allow cruel comments to get in the way of a talent She enjoys. Keep up the good work Chloe x

  6. It is ok but like try to get help from ur mom and ignore mean comments there just jealous of your artwork try taking drawings classes and you will draw beautifully. :3 :)


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