Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Home improvements- Beds

I have been thinking alot recently about all the home improvements that need doing, I think it is the warmer weather and the lighter evenings that does it.

I posted before about tiding up the clutter and just making little touches to the downstairs, and then doing a overhaul of Chloes bedroom, which really made a massive difference, but there is still plenty of rooms in the house which just get forgotten about.

Along with the boys room, the other one that always gets left untouched is our bedroom, we have never had a nicely decorated bedroom, its always been a very practical room where we simply sleep. Which in turn results in it becoming a bit of dumping ground for any odds and ends, and things always get pushed under the bed!

At Christmas my mum and dad brought me a lovely Keep Calm and Carry On canvas, which matches wonderfully with my union jack bed spread, but that is about as far as it goes in terms of decoration and style, and as a result the room is very plain and a bit boring.

The walls  could do with freshening up, possibly adding a coloured feature wall,  The cabinets need sorting out and making use of, to display our nik naks, the bed could do with repositioning into the centre of the room making it more of a prominent feature,  thinking about our current bed it is a very old one and could do with replacing,  Darren has trouble getting to sleep and often wakes through the night which isn't ideal at all, we often discuss getting a new bed but it gets bumped further and further down the list of priorities when funds are tight.

Which is a real shame as sleep is so important and has such an effect on your overall health, I know I simply don't get enough sleep, always pushing the limits and staying awake till the early hours trying to find those much needed extra hours of the day.

But when it comes to thinking about which bed would be both comfy and practical and within budget, I always think of Divan beds, you can purchase a whole range of cheap divan beds from retailers such as TJHughes and they provide a great storage solution, eliminating the option to push things under the bed, which would force us to tidy up the clutter that is building under our bed at the moment!

Of course it is the mattresses which adds the comfort to any bed, when on a budget you want to ensure you can find a great value mattress that is going to provide the comfort needed for a peaceful nights sleep without breaking the bank, TJ Hughes have a range of cheap mattresses which start from as low as £109 for a double bed size so there is something to suit everyone.

I think if we treated ourselves to a new bed it would rejuvenate the love for the room we try to spend as little time as possible in, and then it would encourage us to really add a personal stamp to the room which it most definitely is lacking at the moment, and make it one which we could be proud of.

So now I guess it is a decision on which room to rejuvenate first - ours or the boys!

This is a sponsored post but all views and opinions are my own.


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