Sunday, 16 December 2012

Perfect Pet Stocking Blogger Challenge

If you are a pet loving household then you will probably know that animals are as much part of the family as anyone else, and so come Christmas Morning they too await their Stocking filled with goodies.

There are so many great pet products around filling a stocking for a much loved pet can be a great present for the owner too.

I have been having a look around the G.J.W. Titmus website which is dedicated to offering a great range of pet supplies, and I noticed they have an amazing Blogger challenge where they are asking bloggers to pick out £200 worth of products to make up the best pet stocking ever and one lucky blogger will then win their choices!

So I set about finding out all the must have items that I know Jackson would love and maybe if you are thinking of last minute gift ideas for a dog owner then these might help inspire you too!

Jackson, like most dogs, loves to go for a long walks, so the first set of items I have picked to put in his stocking are all the things which make for a comfier walking experience for him and me!

Company of Animals non Pull Harness - I picked out the harness as a perfect stocking filler because Jackson is an awful puller, and because he is so very strong it means unless we are going into the fields where he can be let off his lead he is left home, a harness which stops pulling would change the whole walking experience and mean me and him could go out much more! Priced at £12.25 this would be a bargain if it helped improve our walks!

Flexi comfort Dog Lead - I don't have a flexi lead for Jackson currently and I think it would enable us to enjoy walks around the park, where he is unable to be let off his lead, but still allow him abit of freedom to follow the children! this Flexi Lead is suitable for large sized dogs and priced at £20.99

Next up I picked out a Canac Nylon Collar and Lead I love the Nylon collars and Jackson is in need of a new one, these are perfect for when we are going over the field and the flexi lead and harness can stay at home, easy to put on, comfortable and strong these are a real must have for all dog owners. Collar is priced at £7.15 and the lead £5.60

Obviously with winter now upon us and the weather cold, wet and horrible us humans always make sure we put our coat and waterproofs on when we head out the door, with Jackson having short fur I guess he must feel the cold too, so I picked out a Timberwolf Extreme Wax coat which is made from quality waxed cotton to give protection from the cold and wet. Available in several sizes for large dogs like Jackson it is priced at £18.99 and looks great too.

And finally the must have dog walking essential stocking fillers are of course poo bags! I found this ingenious torch with doggie bags inside, which is a great idea for the darker evenings and I think this would make a fantastic stocking filler for any dog owner priced at just £2.99 I also picked out a refill pack of 60 bags priced at £2.49 there really is no need for leaving mess behind when your out with your dog, these bio degradable bags fit over your hand like a glove enabling you to quickly and easily clean up any mess, with tie handled to conveniently fasten the bag once you have done.

For my next set of products I focused on Jacksons other favourite pass times - eating, sleeping and playing!

Jackson normally sleeps on the sofa or on our beds, which is fine but it would be great if he had his own bed so I picked out this luxury Faux suede bed, this is a really nice cosy looking bed is made from stain resistant heavy duty faux suede with thermal polyester fibre filling to make sure your dog is super cosy! Pried at £65.99 this is more of a luxury item but one which I am certain any dog would appreciate!

I then picked out two lovely Animal instinct soft toys, there are several designs available at  G.J.W Titmuss but I like the look of the walrus and the penguin most, with their winters theme these really would make great stocking fillers! Jackson is not a chewer and so looks after his toys and he loves nothing better than a soft teddy to snuggle and play with and not only are these animals great designs but they are made from top quality materials and include a squeaker to add extra entertainment and are a great price at £7.49 each.

Then of course no Christmas stocking would be complete with out some treats! The range of dog food and treats was huge and I enjoyed looking through all the categories, G.J.W Titmuss have a great selection of bumper sized boxers of treats with huge discounts compared to the recommended retail price upto 20% off top brands such as Pedigree Markies when you buy the 12.5kg box.

They also have a great selection of Storage boxes perfect for keeping food fresh and I piked out a 15kg box which would be perfect to keep Jacksons Food safe and make sure it always tastes fresh!

I loved the range of pet food from the top branded names such as James Wellbeloved, IAMS, Chappie and many many more all available in several sizes from complete dry food to wet food and mixer, their is something to suit everyone however I thought Jackson would like a bit of variety in his Christmas stocking so I picked out the following fab treats.

Pointer Marrowbone 2kg pack These tasty oven baked snacks with soft beef flavoured centres are Jacksons favourite and great value at just £4.70 for 2kg these would fill up any stocking!
The Super 15inch Rawhide bone would make a fantastic stocking filler, a huge bone which is sure to bring a smile to any dog and last a good while too! Priced at £6.99
Pedigree Schmackos These are another of Jacksons favourites and are currently on Special offer 2 packs of 20 for just £3 so a must have extra this Christmas!
Christmas GoodBoy Selection pack Was my final yummy treat - with all the yummy festive goodies this is a great choice for your pooch with choccy drops, beef biscuit bones and crunchy snowballs this is perfect to give when all the children are munching on their selection boxes!

The total of all these amazing products came to just below £200 and I know if I was to find this little lot on Christmas morning I would be thrilled not to mention how excited Jackson would be!

If you have a pet, be it a dog, cat horse or rabbit, do take a look over at G.J.W Titmus as they have lots of special offers and a huge range, and if you are a blogger why not check out the Christmas Blogger Challenge and join in with your Perfect Pet Stocking!


  1. I hope you win. Imagine how happy Jackson would be.

    1. I know such fantastic products he's got his paw crossed :) x

  2. Such A lovely Blog Post Sarah
    Good Look Jackson
    You are One well loved Boy Who
    Deserves To Win
    You Are A Great Companion And A friend to Everyone
    Good luck


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