For a few  years now I have been blogging away on this blog, posting all sorts of bits and bobs focusing on snippets of our life and reviews of the things we all love.

Recently Alot of people have asked me what IS blogging? and Why do it?

So I thought I would do a series of posts, and hope that they help people out, here is a list of all the posts together so you can look back at them as and whenever you want.

Starting Up

What is Blogging
How to create a blog
How to get blog readers
How to Make money on Youtube

When things go wrong

Copied Content - what to do about it 
Online Voting - when things go wrong

Other interesting reads
- children and the internet
- Blogger/Blagger?
- Social media Good, Bad or Ugly? 

Photo Editing Tutorials
 - make a basic header in paint shop pro
how to make a photo collage
- how to cut out a photos background
- Advanced photo editing (selective colour removal) in Google+


  1. Some great tips, thanks Sarah!

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