Get Outside

We love to be outside, making our own fun with whatever we have to hand, you don't have to spend lots of money to have some fun - sometimes the best things are those that cost the least.

The Great outdoors provide the worlds most wonderful playground, with so much to entertain us all no matter where you are or what the weather is like.

With the ever increasing gadgets and gizmos to entertain us keeping us indoors more and more people are finding themselves forgetting the wonder that they can experience by leaving behind the electronic must haves and getting back to basics outdoors.  Not to mention the health benefits of being outdoors which are huge, the fresh air, open space and lovely scenery boost your mood can relieve stress and tension whilst giving endless possibilities to learn something new!

So I am putting together a series of 10 posts showing our favourite simple outdoor activities, full of information to  hopefully inspire and rejuvenate a love for being outdoors in everyone. The posts will be covering things which can be undertaken no matter your location or weather!

1)Pond Dipping - gather your nets and buckets and head off to a local pond to see what you can find!

2) Water Fun - Have fun with water

3)Walks in the woods and jump in the puddles!

4)Mini beast Madness - what can you find?

5) Dam a stream - work as a team!

6) Enjoy the Park - simple fun is sometimes the best

7) Climb a tree - allow some freedom and let them judge their own limits

8) Bubbles! - Everyone loves blowing bubbles

9) Rope Swings

10) Watch The Sunset - Take time to appreciate the beauty

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