Our new furry friend is Jackson, he came to live with us at 8 weeks old in October 2010 and has been an absolute delight, after we sadly lost our little rescue dog Dennis, in summer 2010, who we had had living with us since me and my partner moved in together, we were understandably devastated to be without a dog.  So we were over the moon to get a new puppy to join our household.

I have always had a love for Boxers, never really knowing anyone who owned one, but they always appealed to me, such playful happy dogs, with beautiful faces I am so happy to finally be able to own my own, and the breed is everything I imagined, Jackson is simply an amazing dog, he is a perfect companion for the children, playful yet thoughtful at the same time, he is energetic and fun loving but not rough and over powering. I am sure they are all going to grow up together and have such wonderful fun!

here are some posts which feature Jackson

and if you'd like to see more about Jackson then he has his very own facebook here: Jackson Boxer

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