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Welcome to my Photo Studio

I love to take and edit photos, I am not a professional photographer and I do not have an expensive camera, but I do have a passion for beautiful photos and I would love to help others get the most enjoyment from their photos, so I have put together some tips and tricks and tutorials for you all, I will try and add a new tutorial each week, so please keep checking back.

How to make a Blog Header - The Basics

If you want to learn the basics of photo editing, but are unsure of where to start, this might just give you the tips you need,  a simple tutorial showing you the basic edits to help you learn and build up the skills to make your own personalised header.

How to : Create a Photo Collage

Here I show you how to make a photo collage in the Free editor Google Picaso.
Create great collages with your favourite
photos, rotate resize and edit them to fit your

how to cut out a area from a photograph
How to: Cut out a photo Removing the background

Here I look at how to use the point to point selection tool to select a specific area of your photograph and cut it out onto a new image.

How to: Selective Colour Removal 

If you would love to be able to make that focus area stand out then this is a simple how to
Change an ordinary photo into something really special by making it black and white but with a focal colour area, this can be applied to so many photos and really makes a drastic end result.
Have ago and Please share your Edits with me.

Making Good.. Great!

Here I  share some of my before and afters and share some useful tips and tricks, like the rule of thirds, and share with you a great editing software you can use online for free.

Scrapbook Inspiration

here's a blog post where I talk about digital scrapbooking and show some of my designs and where to buy some wonderful scrap kits which help you create these beautiful images.

I Love to see your edits too so please share with me your links, and if there is any specific tutorials you would like me to do then please say and I will do my best.


  1. Love this, I struggle to know how to improve my photos, I love good photographs and enjoy seeing others, but I would love to know how to tweek mine better!
    Thought I might have to purchase photoshop or something, but would be interested if it was easy to do it withougt purchasing things, as I don't have the funds at the mo.
    Look forward to learning more on this subject with you, thanks Sadie x

  2. Thanks Sadie, I have neglected this the last couple of weeks, but will keep up, thanks for giving me the motivation to keep up as it is something I love doing :) hope you enjoy having alook at some of the tutorials and enjoy tweeking your photos :)

  3. I finally got round to having a play with making a new blog header, using the new collage feature on picmonkey. I'm pretty pleased with the results. I've been thru' your tutorials here, and picked up lots more tips. Thanks for sharing, really appreciate it x.

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