Sunday, 19 December 2010

We're for Dogs!

As you may be aware I have a beautiful boxer puppy, Jackson, who was a surprise birthday and Christmas gift from my parents, after we lost our little dog who we'd shared our lives with for the past 12 years.
Jackson is such a lovely bundle of fun, I have always loved and admired the boxer breed, they seem such a lovely fun loving dog, never having been able to own one myself until now, I am literally head of heels for him.

So with my love of facebook creeping in again I stumbled across the amazing 'we're for dogs' facebook page several months ago, before I acquired Jackson, its a wonderful page of dog lovers, sharing their pictures and stories, run by Pedigree. I can honestly say I have never seen such dedication and enthusiasm by a company before, a lady called Janet is the face of the page, and she does a wonderful job for Pedigree, replying to peoples comments and pictures, helping people with problems and advice. I have been frequently visiting this page now for a while, posting initially my tale of sadness that Dennis my four legged faithful friend had passed away, and then more recently uploading my pictures of Jackson eager to share them with others. The comments on the page always make me smile and the friendliness of others is a real nice change to some other forums and groups.
Then the other day I noticed 'we're for dogs' was running a competition game for their faithful four legged friends owners, to win various treats from Pedigree, they had decided to put on a game where by you could pop in and out of a page to see if a fire was burning and the dog was sleeping next to it, or if the fire was out and a present had been passed down the chimney, a novel little game which was very addictive. unfortunately the poor people at Pedigree had a right job with getting it to function smoothly and in the end they had to withdraw the game, however due to Janet's dedication and sheer effort they still managed to give away hundreds of prizes via their facebook page, and we were one of the lucky ones to receive a pack of Pedigree Schmackos.Which arrived this morning just 2 days after winning them, all neatly wrapped in yellow paper with a red ribbon, and a hand written note to Jackson, theres something nice about a personal touch to things and it just shows how much care and attention the people at Pedigree pay to their job, the whole facebook page is a testament to Pedigree and the people who work for them in the way it shows how they really do care about dogs, so a big thumbs up to pedigree, I will definitely be looking what goodies you have on offer next time I go to the supermarket!

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