Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Review - ELC Dino Adventure set

One of the Christmas presents we brought this year was the wonderful Early Learning Centers
Dino Adventures set, which comes with pack of 2 free dino racer cars.
The simple idea of this toy is that you set up a track, using the great snap together pieces, and position it wherever you want, there are several bridges, tunnels and obstacles for you to add to the track to add to the fun, the cars need 1x AA battery and then your off.
the cars race around the track by themselves as they pass under certain tunnels the boulders fall down onto the track, or dinosaurs jump out of eggs, the cars are really quite fast and have headlights that shine to add to the amusement.
The one thing I really liked about the set is the flexibility of the track, when you snap together several pieces it really is very bendy and can be positioned in any way.
This toy was a huge hit for all three of my children, where my youngest couldn't piece together the track, my eldest two did so with very little help, and really enjoyed swapping and changing the track layout over books and boxes to add to the adventure!

We managed to pick this amazing set up at a reduced rate it normally retails at £40 and you get the 2 free cars which otherwise would be £10, however we brought it on a half price sale and so got it for a bargain £20
I would recommend this to anyone even if it is full price, the hours of enjoyment we've had makes it well worth the money, and I can see it lasting for a good while yet.

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