Sunday 24 April 2011

Day at the Seaside

Well since i started this Blog, lots have happened, we moved house for one and our boxer puppy Jackson has grown sooo much, hes now a stunning 8 month old.
Its been really lovely watching him grow up, this easter weekend we decided to go on a day trip to the seaside, living in the midlands, this is a real treat as it takes a good 2 and a half hours to get to any form of beach.
So we set off nice and early, three excited kids in the back seats, and a doggie in the boot, we took minimal 'extras' as we don't have the largest car.
We had decided to go to Bridlington, on the East coast, the main swaying factor was they allow dogs on the beach except on the main stretch between May and September, but there is a nice stretch furthur away from the tourists which dogs can walk on all year round, having been to bridlington several times before, we already knew the way, which was quite a nice straight forward route and we arrived about 9am

We had a really lovely time, the weather was nice, and Jackson throughly enjoyed jumping the waves with the children, we set up camp at the end of the beach away from the main attractions of bridlington, however we did take a wander down to the attraction and had a couple of goes on the rides, there is a small amusement park, with a log flume and dodgems and such like, although very expensive for what they are, we went on the log flume and dodgems, but it does work out expensive at 5 tokens per person, which is £2.50
So we returned to our spot furthur up the beach to enjoy the remainder of the day where the children happily spent the rest of the day making sand sculptures and paddeling in the sea.

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