Saturday, 28 May 2011

Half term

It's half term again, another week off school, I love the school holidays, I really do enjoy having the children home, I often here mothers saying how they don't want the holidays to come about, or can't wait for them too end, and whilst I do understand this sentiment, (children can wear down and tire the most patient of people) I just can't bring myself to have the same opinion.
I love the slow mornings which are only present when there is no school run, I love the slow evenings, where you don't have to get homework sorted, children bathed and in bed at a decent time so to avoid the tired moods the following day. I love that the children don't come in with tempers and moods which I don't know what the cause was, and hence feel helpless about.
While I do think school teaches children a number of things I simply couldn't myself, about friendships, about routine and structure, and obviously all the educational grammar algebra and science, I do feel a pang of guilt having to watch my children learn the harsh reality that is life, that not everyone will smile sweetly at them and accept their little 'quirks'
So for this week I will bundle my little family up close, and forget the reality that is life and go back to the routine filled days and problems that school bring next week.
Enjoy the bank holiday weekend whatever it is your doing.


  1. Oh Sarah I couldn't agree more, there is nothing I like better than the school holidays. My children can stay up late, have long lie ins, play out in the fresh air and simply just have fun!

    I love not having to think about school uniforms, homework, lunch boxes ect.....It's sheer bliss :)

    Enjoy the week, and just think it won't be long until the 6 weeks summer holidays :)) x

  2. What gorgeous kids - they look very angelic...!

  3. got to agree sarah , the only downside is the bickering when there 'bored' , lets hope the weather improves and we can get out and about :O) no lunch box's , uniforms wooohoooo i say lol xx


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