Sunday 8 May 2011

leaving behind... looking forward..

When I started this blog, I wanted to blog about our 'good life' style life, we seemingly had everything you need, we had a nice house in a beautiful area, with plenty of rural open free space for the children to play right by the back door, my children were all happily settled into there local countryside school with just a handful of children per year group.. they had their friends they had grown up with and all was on the most part, blissfully sweet. We had chickens, a little pony a vegetable patch all so very simple and free!

Then just as I started up my blog in the new year, things turned and everything was thrown on its head, although it wasn't a complete shock.. to be honest our 'good life' was never so stable, there was always going to be a thorn in our side and as much as we tried to forget about it, and carry on, that thorn would not budge and it became too uncomfortable to bare, and thus we really did have to make the new year our new start.

I never wanted to move, and it tore my heart out having to leave the place my children had become so familiar, change not only there home, there lifestyle but also leave their friends and their school, it made my heart ache for them because they were entering something unknown, but in the face of it all they took it completely in their stride and never once saw it as a bad thing, something I so wish was easier to do.

So we moved, we had a new home, a new life style, a new school... and are trying hard now to make new friends.

We had to leave so much behind, we had to rehome our pony, as we no longer have fields right outside our door, we no longer have chickens, rope swings or our vegetable patch, and the school has more children per year group than the old school had in total... But we do still have our family, we still have Jackson, our dog and we still are smiling because now the one thing we no longer have is that thorn in our side!

Now we have a new way of life, we have new roads to learn and paths to follow, but whilst we follow this new path I have realized it isn't really a matter of where your house is positioned or being in a situation that is easier to maintain, its about having your own thoughts and points of view and sticking to them, going ahead and following the road you want which is always there even if the route may have changed abit between.

The things we loved so much, we still have, they may have just changed slightly, we may not have vast countryside as soon as we open the door, but its only a 2 minute walk to find the same, we may not have a huge garden with rope swings ponies and hay to hide in and trees to climb, but we do have plants to grow in our border and a trampoline to burn off excess energy, we may have left behind good friends and neighbours, but we are learning new skills to enable us to make new ones.
So as much as I didn't wish to leave our old home, I am happy that what we have now is just about as good :D


  1. Hi Honey

    I am so glad you are blogging again. Was worried about you. Welcome back.

    I won't ask why you had to move.

    Much love,
    Liska xxx

  2. its a long story Liska, maybe one day i'll write a post about it, but I think we'll let the dust settle a little first :D

  3. and thanks for noticing :D I haven't been back long.. I am trying to keep up n get back in to the swing tho :D


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