Monday 16 May 2011


Well todays the day, Geoffrey and all those at Toys R us, will put all us on the shortlist to become toyologists out of our misery, its been a long week, of constant refreshing on the toys R us facebook page, waiting for the shortlist to be announced, and then being over joyed to see my name on that list, to now waiting again to see who got the ten most wanted places on the web!

I have been spending more time trying to think how to take my blog forward, it was something I really wanted to do this year, then our lives got disrupted momentarily so I lost a few months, however I am back with the ball rolling again now, and this opportunity with Toys r us, has made me more determined, whilst I've been pondering what way to take things, what to write about, how to attract readers, I have been adding and changing the pages and badges on my blog, I hope so much to be able to add the all important toyologist badge to the side of my blog!

I will update here as soon as I hear, but I'm sure you'll be able to hear my cheers anyway if we get through
Fingers crossed everyone, I am truly honoured to be this far along with some amazing bloggers, and this has been a great experience and learning curve :)

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