Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Power Rangers Samuri Megazord Review

We were lucky enough to receive a Power Ranger Samuri Megazord in our Toys R us toyology box
The Release date for the Power Ranger Samuri Toys in the UK is around July 1st, so we were one of the first to get our hands on these.

Power Rangers are a favourite Action hero for children and collectors. I remember watching power rangers as a child and it is still a hugely popular action hero series. I think its the fact these are 'normal' teenagers who morph into super heros it really does catch the imagination of children.

In 2009 the production of power rangers ceased, and the last show was broadcast towards the end of 2009.
However Saban have brought back the rights to the franchise and early this year (Feb 2011) a new series was aired on nickelodeon Childrens TV channel

I was unaware of this new series as we do not have Sky TV, and to be honest have never really seen any recent series of Power rangers, but this has never hindered my childrens enjoyment of the toys. The fact the figures are obviously super heros in their colourful costumes and their weapons, it wasn't really ever a necessity to have seen the actual show they relate to, my eldest has several power ranger figures, and an older megazord, and they are very much loved and continue to be well played with.

The power rangers morph into 5 individual animal zords and then together they can join to become a megazord, it is this megazord we were sent to review.

The box is brightly coloured with a clear front where you can see the Megazord clearly displayed, on the back it shows you the individual zords, and also has a few pictures of other toys in the samuri range which can all clip together.

The age range is 4+ My eldest and youngest were both equally interested in this toy, and eager to get it out the box, they both instantly took the megazord apart into the individual zords then built the megazord back up again, and have since continued to play with it many many times.

I think this will be a much appreciated toy by any power ranger fan, or any super hero fan it is easy to build up and take apart into its different elements so no frustrating moments running to mum or dad for help.

check out my video review here where my youngest son whos 4, shows how to build the megazord up.

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