Saturday, 16 July 2011

Artisto Toyologist Review

We were sent an Artisto from Toys R us

When this box arrived I thought, humm that's going to be too small for my lot, the box is really deceptive and is roughly 2ft square, The picture on the box shows two quite young children sat at the desk so I was unsure how big it really would be and if my eldest two would be able to squeeze in to sit at it.

When I opened the box we were greeted with several brightly coloured pieces, some stickers a tiny bag of screws, and a perspex sheet, along with some simple instructions, its a mystery how it all fit in the box!

Putting the table together was really simple The main bulk of it simply clipped into place, the perspex screen needed a handful of screws to hold it together and that was it.

Once put up you got to see just how big this table is, its an impressive 122cm, or 4 ft long by 65cm or 2ft wide, which is plenty big enough for my children, including my 8 and 9 year olds to sit at comfortably.

It's an original concept having the clear perspex sheet in the middle of the board, instead of your standard black board design. Because it is clear brings a whole near concept to drawing, you can make a scene where you can draw sections together without having to nudge and smudge each others art work, which my eldest two loved, they could draw people and the other could add extras such as hats or swords etc which everyone found hilarious! also because you can interact with each others drawings games such as tic tac toe (naughts and crosses) works amazingly, all three of mine have spent hour paying games such as this, and squares (you know where you have several dots on the page and take it in turns to draw a line until you can make a square... )

So from initially thinking it would only be of interest to my youngest this table has proven a massive hit for my eldest! Their games keep expanding they were playing their own version of Tron at it yesterday.

Obviously you can use it as a standard easel by clipping paper to the board, it also has nice cup holders for any art equipment. The only down side to this great arts table is that it doesn't come with any art equipment, so there was no pens in the box which was slightly disheartening as otherwise it really is a great table!

Heres my video Review:

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  1. This looks fab... I hope I get mine soon to test, I think the boys will love it :)


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