Wednesday 20 July 2011

It's Magic!!

We received Magic Science in our second Toyology box from Toys R us UK

I must admit I'm not normally a fan of this type of kits, quite often you need a fair amount of 'extras' which you never have and it is pretty much a certain that a mess will follow with very little else resulting!

We tried out disgusting science before Christmas and it was not that great, my children pestered me every day to get it set out and when I finally plucked up the courage to get it out and set it up it was a let down for everyone, the experiments did nothing much there was a whole lot of waiting around and not much end out put other than a mess for mum to clean up!

So when I saw Magic Science in my box I must admit I groaned slightly!

However I was Magically surprised by this kit.

In the box you get a rack and 3 test tubes, which are a goods size, and some goggles along with several packets of powders, a few sheets of paper, some sticky stars and a very clear simple to understand instruction book, after a quick flick through the book I was not as distressed about allowing the children to give this kit a go.

It didn't require much of anything else except water, to complete the majority of the experiments, (only other thing you need is vegetable oil for two of the activities) the experiments sounded fun and easy to complete.

Along with the experiments to find fizzing bubbling colour changing potions included in this kit there is a magical paper hat and a wand to make so you can really feel the part as you do your magic experiments.

Chloe and me set about making the magic wand, it was simple to do, just needing water and the powders in the kit, It did take about 3 hours for the crystals to be made but you can get on with doing the experiments without your wand if you choose, and all other experiments have a instant reaction.

The other experiments include making invisible ink, and a glow in the dark potion which were great fun, our favourite was the fizzing bubbling frenzy There is plenty of powders in the kit to give the experiments another go (apart from the glow in the dark which has enough for once only)

We really enjoyed mixing and experimenting with the different powders changing colours and amounts of 'fizz' and we will definitely be playing with this kit again until the powders run out, unlike the disgusting science, which I throw away as soon as the kids weren't looking!

you can get hold of this great science kit from Toys R us online now for £12.99
which I think is a good price, it is sure to be a hit with any Harry Potter fan, or indeed anyone who's interested in magic or science in general. It is simple enough for children to do alone if they wanted or it's great to do together. The suggested age is 10+ If you wanted them to do this alone than I would say the age rating is fair, but younger children can certainly enjoy this set with a bit of adult input.

Here's Chloe making her magic Wand.

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