Monday, 25 July 2011

keep your brain occupied before the zombies eat them...

Children and holidays can be brain numbing for everyone can't they? All the children want to do is play video games or watch DVDs or sit on your shoulder mumbling about how boring it is, So is there anything which can keep them entertained which you all can have fun with?
Any video games which aren't involving running around shooting at each other with guns?

Pop Cap have a whole host of computer games which children and adults can enjoy, the games range from word puzzles to more action filled strategy games like Plants Vs Zombies which will have the whole family laughing and playing together.

We have been huge Plants Vs Zombies Fans since it was released in May 2009, and have been playing it ever since trying to protect our Brains!

The aim of the game is to plant various plants to hold off the onslaught of Zombies who are trying to get to the house to eat your brains, sounds abit gruesome doesn't it? But it is such a friendly family game the Zombies are almost cute and not at all scary. The game is a easy strategy tower defense game, you have to decided which layout of plants will be best to defend against the various Zombies who come along. as you progress through the levels you find new plants and new zombies, unlock mini games and puzzles, it is strangely addictive you will find yourself eager to get the children to bed so you can play it yourself!

The Zombies advance across your garden from the right, you collect sun glows to clock up your sun score which you can use to buy plants and place them down, as you go through the game not only do you find new zombies who do various things (dolphins, football players, dancers etc) but you go through different garden scenes, some with a pool, some without, some at night and even on the roof (those zombies are pretty persistent!) But fear not the plants you will find have different features which help you out, including a selection of mushrooms to help you when its not so sunny! You also will find the key to Crazy Daves shop and be able to grow your own plants in a zen garden. Even after completing this game there is so much to do the fun never ends, and for the competitive ones of you there are great endless modes for you to fight to hold the biggest streak!

I really want to write something to portray just how fun this game is but describing it just doesn't cut the mustard So if you haven't already seen this great game pop over to popcaps website and you'll find free trials for all their great games, and you can give it ago your self!

plants vz Zombies is available on DS and XBOX aswell as on windows PC and Mac, and some smartphones for you to play on the go, great to entertain anyone on long journeys!

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