Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Listography - 5 things I want to do this summer

I've often read the listographys and always say 'I'll join in with that' then one thing or the other turns up and I don't get to write my list, however I saw this weeks theme and instantly thought oh yes I must join this one so here I am, joining in :)

This weeks is hosted by Keith - the reluctant housedad whilst KateTakes5 is taking five this week to focus on setting up the new Netmums blogger network.

Right so this weeks theme is what 5 things do you want to do this summer?

1, Set up and make work a good positive parent reward scheme, I'm notoriously soft on the kids, We kinda run on a free for all and am not great at the whole boundaries thing, yes I do expect the kids to behave and they can and do surprise me more often than not and behave really well, but then other times they just do the opposite and I'm really not great at discipline I hate to shout at them, and they have always been a tad too young to fully understand the whole rewards system or more likely I never had the determination to stick it through, and always just coasted along being soft with them, but now really they are getting older and I need the boundaries set in stone so they don't start to push their limits.

2, Teach my youngest to ride his bike with no stabilizers, my eldest two were really great at their bikes from fairly young, and I love riding bikes Mikey really loves his bike too so this summer we're going to crack the 2 wheel thing!

3, Keep on top with my blog, but not let it take over my time, I love the kids being at home but also love sitting in my own little world doing not much scouting the old interweb! So I need to make sure I manage my time well.

4, Help Jake out as much as possible with his reading and writing, he'll be in year 5 after the summer, that's so old! and I really want to make sure his writing doesn't stop all together for the six weeks hes off school, we've been writing a story together the past few months and I really want to finish that, its something he is really interested in, although he doesn't actually write much of it, he dictates it to me most of the time, BUT we are sitting together doing something to do with words, which is better than nothing, and although I do write more than him, the bits he writes are more than nothing which seems good to me!

5, get a trip to the seaside in somewhere, we aren't going on any holidays, we haven't done for years because we simply can't afford to go away properly but we do like to take day trips to the sea, I love the seaside so I really hope we can make at least one visit during the holidays

thats about it, I hope I can do them things, Ill give it my best shot!


  1. I think its hard to discipline when you have three...by the time you have told one off, the others will be up to something equally naughty, or at least thats what it's like in our house! xx

  2. Oh they sound like great things to do we go to the beach often, but I have to admit much more in the winter as I love the peace in the winter. Rather than the hustle and bustle of the summer xx

  3. I recently had to resort to a tally system for everytime I caught the girls jumping on the furniture/bed. It helped them become aware of their behavior.

    Love that you are making a book with Jake. We use Reading Eggs in our house, which is great but we get it free through the school. My girls are thriving on phonics if you haven't tried it.

    Hope you get to the seaside!

  4. I've got to get my six year-old on a bike, too. He's sandwiched in between his older sister and younger brother and so such things tend to get lost in the chaos. Must try harder this summer. Great list you've got here. Thanks for taking part.

  5. I love the idea that you are writing with your eldest, makes me think I really should dedicate more time to my eldest too.

    Hope you manage to get to the seaside - even if it rains just go in your wellies!

  6. Great list! We taught our Granddaughter to ride her bike without stablisers during the last half term. Every day we persevered until she got it...was so funny watching her try, wobbling all over the place...Special times x

  7. You can't beat a trip to the seaside for family fun. I love rockpooling and building sea defences. I even don't mind sandy sandwichs and that painful pebbly bit that you don't see when you're in bare feet!

  8. Good luck with taming (setting up the reward scheme) the kids. Its so difficult trying to restore and keep order when they gang up together!

  9. I found sticker rewards worked brilliantly for my girls. I let them choose their own then made a little chart. They got a treat at the end of the week - something little, bubbles, or crayons etc. Not sure how boys would repond though...!


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