Thursday, 7 July 2011

Melissa and Doug Triangular Crayons and Jumbo Pad Review

In our Toys R us toyologist box we received this pack of crayons made by Melissa and Doug which will be coming soon to Toys R us, priced £4.99

Now my daughter really loves drawing and colouring so she was pleased to receive these, and I was interested to see how the Triangular shape worked out, my youngest has just turned 4 he also really liked the crayons, they don't have any irritating paper cover which keeps getting in the way as you rub down the crayon, and they really do colour well! I know that might sound like a pretty obvious thing to say about crayons, but you know sometimes you receive some cheap wax crayons and no matter how persistently you colour with them they just leave dots of colour hear and there and don't give a nice smooth coloured finish? well these crayons are nothing like that, yes they may be slightly more expensive than alot of crayons, seems as you can pick up crayons from most places very very cheaply, but these are a really nice set.
They come in a sturdy case too, which means they will get put away safely and be ready for the next colouring session, rather than be tipped all over the floor and lost under the sofa.
Another great thing about their unique triangular shape is they don't roll so will stay put on the table (again meaning you'll still have the set for next time!)

A really lovely Addition to these crayons is the Mellisa and Doug, jumbo colouring pad, again coming soon to Toys R us priced £4.99 also

This larger pad has 50 lovely bold outlines, the pad we were sent was the blue pad, which is all things geared at boys, knights and castles pirates and dinosaurs to name a few! The pictures are lovely not cartoony and not to realistic that the detail would be unattainable for young children, theres a lovely mix of pictures and all three of mine found several they wanted to colour straight away. The pages rip out easily, yet hold together perfectly well even after you have taken out several pages. The paper is good quality thick enough to use paint on and felt tips too. The drawing are only on one side of each sheet, which means you don't have to agonize on which picture to hide when you proudly showcase the children's efforts on the fridge!

Overall the Crayons and the Pad by Melissa and Doug are extremely good quality products so although they may seem alittle bit on the pricey side, they are worth the money. Thumbs up all round from us!

Heres our video review :D

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  1. We are big fans of the Mellissa & Doug drawing pads and their big sticker pads. They keep my daughter entertained for hours.


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