Monday 18 July 2011

Play Doh Smashed Potatoe Game Review

We were sent a play doh smashed potatoes game to review by the lovely people over at Toys R us uk

It seems like alot of companies are trying their hands at board games, with lego bringing out a series of board games last year, now Play doh have given it ago.

Inside the box you get 4 tubs of playdough, in 4 different colours: Red, ~Yellow, Orange and Purple, you get two potato moulds, a game board which needs some adult assembly (only takes a few minutes) and a spinner.

The idea of the game is to make a play doh counter and start in the bag of potatoes in the kitchen, then spin the spinner to see how much you can move, race along the plates on the game board and try and avoid the smashing, mashing, cutting utensils that are in your path.

On the spinner there are numbers 1 -4 clear marked, and a mash symbol and a 'run ahead' symbol. If you spin a mash symbol you can mash anyone who's unlucky enough to be on the kitchen utensils. If you get mashed then you remould your potatoes and start again at the start, The 'run ahead' option on the spinner is great for easy catch up, so that if you do get 'mashed' your still in with a chance!

We had loads of fun with this game and have played it everyday so far, my youngest is 4 and he adores this. The kitchen utensils that make up the middle of the board are quite loose fitting, so you do have to be careful when you're mashing that you hold them steady, else they will slide about abit, also the scissors for snipping the potatoes do have a tendency to pop out of place, but all in all this hasn't stopped us having fun with this game.
The age rating is 5+ my son has only just turned 4 and did mange fine, but I can see that this might not be so for everyone under 5, as like I say the mashing does require some degree of fine motor skills and carefulness, so I would say the age rating is very suited, although obviously it is such a fun game even very young children would enjoy it with adult help.

The board is brightly coloured and attractive, the instructions are simple and straight forward, game play is about 15 - 20 minutes (sometimes sooner if you happen to miss all the mashing!)

And once you've finished it all tidies away back into its box!

Overall we love Play doh smashed Potato game, and think it will become a firm favourite on family game nights, it really is something the whole family can enjoy together Big Thumbs up from us.

Heres my video review:


  1. I so want to play this! I am 33 so am well over the age woo!
    Sounds like a great game x

  2. it's lots of fun... my youngest asks to play it at least 5 times aday!!


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