Saturday 30 July 2011

Summer dayz

Lazy summers afternoons lovely aren't they?

Well they are when they're like today, the sun is shining, my daughter is busy making little puppets out of straws and paper and bits and bobs to put on her own play,

my boys are sat in the garden with their star wars figures engrossed in their own world.

All is calm and peaceful.

Isn't it great when you catch a few hours like that?

Before all changes, and it will no doubt, the boys start to fight over who's going to have Darth Vader, and Chloe ups and leave the room a complete mess with thousands of tiny cut out bits of paper all over the floor..

ah well for now at least, I'm enjoying the calm.

1 comment:

  1. my son would go mad for those!! he's mad about all things starwars...

    glad you had some p and q! i am however, very jealous, and hope it didn't last!!! ;)

    tamsyn x


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