Friday 1 July 2011

What to do today?

What to do today? isn't that what everyone asks most mornings?
There's a whole host of things I know I should be doing, I should be making sure the house is in tip top condition, I should be sorting out the washing, hanging it on the line to dry as its lovely and sunny, I should be spending good quality time with my youngest, maybe sitting with him teaching him to read or write, I should be planning the evening meal and have it all ready and prepared for when the hungry older two come home from school, I should be taking the dog for a nice run in the fields and catch a moment of twos breath between the domestic duties.

But really some days you just don't want to be doing any of them things, some days you just want to do not a lot.

Is it really wrong to sit and do none of the above? to let youngest amuse himself to some extent and potter from the Tv to the games console, leave him be when he spreads lego all over the floor, is it ok to have left the breakfast bowls in the sink until tea time and leave the dog slounging on the sofa giving you sad looking eyes?

Well today I'm having one of those do nothing much sort of days, well it is Friday after all and I promise tomorrow I will do all of those things I should have done today, and more.

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  1. Fantastic Blog
    Tomorrows another day ... Full of unopened Surprises ... Another day on the Great Journey of Life ... Live For Today Tomorrow the pots, the washing still will be there enjoy every moment of today you never know what tomorrow will bring... Love Always ;)x


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