Tuesday, 9 August 2011

An AMAZING time at the adventure farm

Yesterday we visited the National Forest Adventure Farm which is home to our local Maize maze
we've never visited a maize maze before although I had always thought they sounded interesting. There are Maize Maze all across the UK and they offer a great family day out be sure to check out the maize maze website to locate your nearest one, it is a much recommended day out!

Our Local Maize Maze is located in Burton On Trent right in the heart of the national forest.

When we arrived just after lunch the car park was already quite full, but there was still ample place to park in an overflow car park, it was a nice sunny day which was great, We headed straight to the Maze which changes theme each year, this year the theme is Shaun the Sheep, which my children were delighted about, as we entered the Maze the staff showed a video and there was a chance to buy a map for £1, and off we set into the maze armed with a flag in case we got lost! they also sell pens for 80p to help you fill in the free activity sheets, so if you don't fancy purchasing pens for your little ones be sure to take one in your bag!)

The maze its self is made out of as the name suggests Maize, with a few wooden bridges and look out towers at set points, there is also a toilet at the top of the maze and several marker points to find, at each one was a new Shaun the sheep character and activity board, if you purchased a map then these were clearly marked to help you find your way around.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our journey through the maze and the children loved following the map to the next marker, we managed to navigate our way around quite easily and didn't need to use our flag to call for help! located in the maze are speakers where music is played and the staff can talk to you it's all a very pleasant experience, and although it was very busy once inside the maze you couldn't really tell how many others were also taking part, only occasionally passing tracks with fellow maze goers.

After an hour or two in the maize maze we found our way out and went to explore the rest of the farm. The whole farm is so very clean and tidy, all the different areas are nicely sign posted and once you have paid your entrance fee activities are free (with exception to purchasing a map for the maze if you require, and the electric cars which need £1 to start them up )

There is plenty to entertain everyone, the staff were all very friendly and approachable, throughout the day there is various animal demonstrations and you're handed a time table as you enter which is great you can plan your activities around these if you wish.

In the fun field there was loads to do, lovely clean sand play areas for the younger children, with a fossil dig area lowered down,There is also a great wooden adventure trail course, lots of 'have a go' activities such as volleyball, skittles & a water squirter area (looked loads of fun, although we didn't take a change of clothes for the children so they didn't get to have a go)

A HUGE hit was the jumping pillow, which is basically a bouncy castle lowered into the ground, the children loved this and played on it for ages, I even had a quick bounce! for the younger children there is also a smaller bouncing castle slide called the bouncy bull, and lots of lovely sandy play areas.

If the weather isn't so great there is a indoor play area too, again entry to the indoor play area is included in the entrance fee to the farm and you can stay and play as long as you like, there is a lovely under 5's area and lots of tables as the indoor play area also incorporates the cafe, with a great menu all reasonably priced.

The older children will love the three slides available, the red slide looks mighty scary with a steep drop, Adults are welcome on the play apparatus if your brave enough to have ago on the slides, so remember your socks!

Back Outside there are lots of animals, plenty of hand washing areas, a great barrel tractor ride which my boys thoroughly enjoyed,

and pedal go karts in two sizes so everyone could enjoy them!

there really is LOADS to do at this aMAZEing adventure farm and I truly recommend it for a great action filled family day out.

Check out the National Forest Adventure farm website by clicking here: Adventurefarm.co.uk
they are open daily from 10am -6pm Entrance price various depending what time you choose to visit, at peak times it costs £35 for a family of 4, however once you have paid to enter everything is included which makes it a very reasonable priced day out and as activities don't involve extra charges it makes for a relaxed day as you can allow your children free scoop to hop on and off the activities. check here for current prices and family discounts: Adventure farm price list

you can also find them on facebook and twitter!

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  1. Wow that looks like soooo much fun!!! Love the pictures....

  2. This looks fantastic! My eldest (and hubbie!) love Shaun the Sheep so I think we might have to pay this a visit!

  3. it is well worth a visit, so much to do we went after dinner and stayed until it shut at 6pm and in hindsight we could have gone when it opened at 10 and still wanted to say till they closed their doors, so much to do, and with no extra charges for the rides, maze or boncy castles its great as the children can pick and choice what they want to do as and when they want :)

  4. Oh wow. I always wanted to go in a maze. It's fun for kids and parents at the same time! I might check it out then! Thank you

  5. the peddle go carts look super fun


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