Wednesday 3 August 2011

Connect 4 Launchers Review

As part of the Toys R us Toyologist 2011 program we were sent Connect 4 Launchers to review.

This is a new take on the classic connect 4 game.

Giving a 3d element and a more action packed game play this is a great game for any age, My youngest and my eldest could all play this together.

In the box you get 4 pillar corner pieces, 2 clear grid trays, 21 yellow counters, 21 red counters, a red launcher and a yellow launcher. the instructions are printed on the inside of the lid. (which is great as they can't get lost!)

The board itself is easy to put together the 4 legs are sturdy enough and the trays simply press into place very easy to set up and take down.

The concept is the same as ever with making a row of 4 tiles to win, however in connect 4 launchers there is a 3d board with two tiers, and you now have 'launchers' to propel your counters onto the board, and land in the groves.

Hasbro has set out different game modes one is simple, everyone fires as quickly as they can until someone gets 4 in a row, no turn taking just simple fire the counters and try and match up 4 in a row, then a more advanced version of the game where you take it in turns and so more strategy is involved decided where to fling your counter, also in this more advanced mode you can use the special counters which have black and white bands on the edges to do special moves, like clear a row of counters, adding more thought to the game.

this is a great game for the whole family, with the different rules it can be a fast fun game for younger children, or a more thought provoking game for the older ones, either way its alot of fun.

Hasbro have also got an online version of the game on their kids website which can be found by clicking here : HasbroKids This is a website my children like to play on often with lots of fun games on there, we did have a look at the online connect 4 launcher game a few weeks ago and it was working fine, however now it seems to not be coming up when you click on the link, so I have just linked to the main hasbrokids website and hopefully the connect 4 launcher game will be online again soon!

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Heres my video Review for you :)

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