Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Lets go on Safari!

We had an amazing day yesterday we went to explore West Midlands Safari Park and got to test drive a brand new Hyundai i40

The day started out bright and early we packed a picnic and left to West midlands Safari Park nice and early, however it took us longer than expected to get there, no reason except our wrong turns - how many times can you drive round a roundabout? but once we arrived we could see the Hyundai tent but somehow managed to enter the Safari before getting to them! So we had to flag down a staff member to escort us out of the Safari drive area so we could meet up with the Hyundai team.
At the Hyundai tent they signed us in for our test drive and let the children play with the iPads. Then we were given wristbands so we could explore the park and rides.

The entrance to West midlands Safari park is abit like how you would imagine entering Jurassic Park would be, everything is themed it really had a great feel about it, you passed several gift shops in the entrance which sold the most beautiful soft toys, but they are all rather expensive.

Once you were in the park there is LOADS to see and do, you can follow a discovery trail, explore reptile houses, twilight bat zones amongst other fascinating things.

Jake especially liked the Alligator!

The selection of rides at the park are just right, there is something for everyone and with us going into the park before the Safari it was very quiet, no ques on anything at all and we had free run of the park all morning (I think everyone was doing the Safari first - park later)

The children loved the Log flume, and Rhine roller coaster, why Dad enjoyed the Rapids ride.
I even had ago on the Venom Power Drop!

After the thrill of the rides we enjoyed our picnic and then went to see the Walking with Lemurs attraction. We entered the Lemur Wood and were greeted with several Lemurs who were scurrying along the hand rails, right in front of us!

A member of staff was at hand and was answering any questions and making sure everyone did as they should, the Lemurs all looked very happy and active and the children loved being so close to them, we continued through the woods along the track there are several notice boards telling you interesting facts about the lemurs,

The woods itself is not huge and doesn't take long to walk round, other than the Lemurs who were playing around the entrance we couldn't see any others, I think they were all having an afternoon nap!

Once you have passed through the Lemur wood you can go through the Goat walk which again the children loved.

Then on to the Meerkats which are always a big hit

Then it was time for our Hyundai test drive, we were briefed with the features of the i40 and off we went. The i40 is a superb car, it has electronically adjustable seats which can be adjusted up down forwards back anyway you like to really make for a comfy journey,the mirrors are all electronically adjustable too making the car really easy to set up for a great driving experience.

The steering is really responsive and the car has a powerful yet smooth engine and just drives amazingly well. It has really modern features and a touch screen for controlling these.

There is plenty of space in this stylish looking car and our family of 5 fit in perfectly
So we set off on our Safari drive, we were greeted by all the animals who all seemed eager to come and take a closer look at the i40.

We loved seeing the Lions who decided to take a leisurely stroll passed our car,

and the Giraffes who ate out of our hands.

The whole Safari experience was a great one, the comfort and easy driving ability of the i40 combined with the breathtaking animals we saw along the way really was a great experience.

After the Safari The hyundai team had face painting available,

then we went back into the main park, it was alot busier in the afternoon, but we still didn't Que long for many of the rides.

There was so much to do, we stayed till 7pm and still didn't get to see some of the shows and demonstrations we wanted, we deffinately will be visiting again (all be it next time in not quiet as comfy car)

For great offers, and to keep upto date with West Midlands Safari park and the Amazing people at Hyundai then be sure to check out their facebook pages here:

West Midlands Safari Park Facebook

Hyundai UK facebook


  1. Got me all excited! We are going saturday to test drive the car too!!!!

  2. ohhh you'll have such fun :) I'll look out for your review!

  3. We're test-driving on Saturday too! Can't wait! Sounds like you had a great time.

  4. ohhh Baby you'll have a great time :D


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