Saturday, 27 August 2011

A little bit of perfection

Last week we went camping, to one of the best camp sites I know of. Shell Island in Wales, it is Europe's largest campsite, catering for families only, no single sex groups are allowed so it is the perfect family retreat.

The island itself is huge, with no marked out pitches, you can find your own spot to set up camp, near the rocky beach where you can see the sea come in, or by the sandy dunes at the other side of the island where the children can run and play in the sand till dusk.

The Beaches are simply amazing and there is something for everyone from fishing to sailing to plain old digging holes in the sand.

The thing I like most about Shell Island when it comes to taking a holiday is the fact you go, you camp you enjoy the beautiful beaches and have good quality family time.

There are no distractions, no pleasure beach style rides, or ice cream stands on every corner, luring you in to spending too much additional money. There is a extremely well stocked supermarket, a restaurant with games room and pub, a souvenir shop and a camping shop on site, but if you set up camp away from these you would not know they were there at all. Their is only water no electric hook ups as they don't allow caravans only good old fashioned campers.

The beaches are truly lovely, the huge sand dunes take you onto the sandy bathing beaches, long streches of sand, lovely and clean and never overly busy as they are private to the island campers. Across the Island there are Rocky beaches where shells are found in abundance, along with crabs and lobsters, starfish and lots of other natural delights.

Dogs are allowed and owners are responsible the site is kept clean and tidy and everyone gets along together,

there are fields specially marked with no dogs allowed if you prefer to not be near the four legged friends, Jackson came along with us and had a great time.

We've been a few times and always had the most amazing experience, we've been lucky weather wise, but I think you could still enjoy the wonder of this amazing campsite even if the weather wasn't as good. It did rain on 2 of the days we were there but that didn't stop us enjoying catching crabs

and searching the rock pools.

And when the sun came out we spent our time making sand boats

and playing in the sea

We camped near the sandy dunes and could watch the children play from our tent

It really was a great break, and we will be going back again, it cost us £107 for our Monday to Friday stay, and once we were there we spent a grand total of £40
Proving you don't need to spend alot to have a truly amazing experience

If you are thinking of going camping, and don't want lots of attractions and distractions then this is definitely worth a look : Shell Island Wales

We went and paid for this holiday ourselves and I wrote about it because I wanted to share our experiance and have not been asked to at all.


  1. Fantastic Pleased Everyone Had A Lovely Time xxx Stunning Pictures & A Lovely Blog xxxxx Love Us x

  2. Amazing pictures and great write up, so glad you had such a lovely time :-) xx

  3. What a great time it looks like you are all having. Gorgeous pictures and so much fun x

  4. I think I hate you just a little bit ;) Maybe next year...


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