Friday 5 August 2011

Zoobles Review

We received a Spinmaster Zooble mama and zoobling set via BlogMatch.

These are a new range of toys released in 2010 by Spinmaster, the idea behind these cute pretty little mystical creatures is that they roll up into a ball and can magically spring to life when they interact with their playsets. The set we were sent was part of the mama and zoobling range.

The packaging is nice and clear, it shows exactly what you receive inside, with a clear fronted bubble pack the names of the zoobles included is displayed on the front, along with the product number, these little creatures make a great collection piece with over 300 to collect there is plenty of scope for presents in the future, and with their pretty markings and cute look they are sure to be a hit with lots of girls.

As soon as Chloe (whos 8) saw the pack she couldn't wait to open it up and have a look at the zoobles, we have never seen them before so were interested in what they were.

In the pack we received there is a little tree habitat with a swing which comes unattached, which simply clips on to the tree, we did find this a bit loose fitting and it kept falling off, but it didn't interfere with the playability factor. The Baby zoobling is very small, about the size of a 5p so the age rating of 4+ is definitely worth noting, as younger children are likely to find them abit fiddely and the small parts may be easily broke or put in a very young childs mouth. the mama Zooble is a fair bit bigger and when she is rolled up she is 2 and a half cm in diameter, and she springs out to a little bigger. Which seems a good handy size, and if you are going to start a zooble collection you could fit a fair few on a shelf.

The Spin to life feature is activated when the rolled up mama zooble is placed on a special spot on the habitat and she instantly springs open, when you press her head she flaps her ears and eyes. The baby zoobling fits inside the mama and then can be rolled up together.

Chloe who is a bit picky with toys, and alot don't interest her for very long at all, thought
this is a real sweet toy and has already decided that she wants to grow her zooble collection, which isn't surprising the people at Spin master have got it just right, such pretty detailed to the zoobles, with a novel function of them rolling up and springing open they can be popped in a bag or pocket and taken out and about with you where ever you go, and retailing from about £5.99 for a single zooble they are reasonably priced, with the ute designs they are a great collection piece for the older children.

Also Zoobles have a lovely website all to themselves found here: which is as pretty as the zoobles themselves, showing some of the available zoobles in their different lands, it has some fun games and a collection area, for you to see which zoobles are available and store which ones you already have in your collection.

Overall I think these are a great toy for the older girls (aged 6 -10) who are still intrested in toys and would enjoy collecting a set, they are fairly priced and they certainly are sweet looking, the fact they roll up and pop open again means the play factor is good, and they are a great size to be popped in a poket and carried around.

Take a look at my video review :)

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